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Shotokan Karate Academy


Welcome to the Shotokan Karate Academy's Traditional Karate Website.

The Shotokan Karate Academy (SKA) has been serving the North Bay Area as the educational body for Traditional Karate since 1992.

Our chief instructor, Kyoshi Llewelyn, is a member, and holds high rank, with several prestigious world-renowned organizations. He holds a Hachidan with International Santen Karate Association (ISKA), and is ranked with the Dai-Ichi Shotokan Karate Association (DSKA), the American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF) and the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF). He is an active member of the ISKA competition team.

We instruct men, women and children, 5 years of age and up, at all karate levels. At our dojo you will learn all the details of the physics, physiology, and mental attitudes necessary to be very effective in your self-protection. You will also improve your physical condition, strength, and confidence. When followed properly, karate-do training transcends into your daily life and results in a more centered individual.

Please come visit us for a trial lesson free of charge or obligation. You will be joining an elite group of special people, several million, who train in Shotokan Karate all around the world.

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There Are Different Types of Karate

Traditional Karate

Traditional Karate is the act of self defense that uses the body as the only tool of defense. This premise is based on the possibility of an attack that is life threatening and the potential victim, not having anything except his or her hand, feet, head, fingers, knees, elbows, and so forth to defend themselves. The other frame of mind is that you would have the best chance of escape.

The only way to accomplish this defense is to use the body appropriately to  generate its maximum power and maintain the best balance possible. This is done by the use of blocks, strikes, punches, kicks, in combinations with strategies of breaking your opponent's balance, distance closing, stable emotions, etc.  Through the regimens of the study of Traditional Karate one develops the ability to deliver a finishing blow (Iken-isatsu) to be used in self defense.  One also develops sensory acuity that enables you to avoid potentially dangerous situations in your daily life.

The improvement of these skills through the practice of Traditional Karate is a lengthy but pleasurable  journey.  Thus, the level of skill is forever rising (Kaisen).

Shotokan is a Traditional Karate system.

Other Karate

The primary goal of the new type of karate is for enjoyment of the competitive aspects of the art. There is nothing wrong with this concept, as long as you are aware that a quick score with no regard to the parameters that make it a finishing blow, is only sport and has little self defense value.

Another factor in non-traditional karate is in the competition based on weight classes. If one considers that the attacker will most likely be larger than the potential victim, then training self defense in this manner is not very practical.

Please take time to consider what you seek out of the study of Martial Arts and choose the right school based on that.